The online system that teaches you how to promote yourself through clever PR.

Learn to promote your business, your brand, your products and services and your story through traditional media:


6 Steps to Free Media Publicity

This is a self guiding course that teaches you how to harness the power of your voice? To transform your business and align your expertise with content the media is looking for? 
As part of a growing community of like-minded people you will learn to:

  • Create impact through your voice
  • Do your own PR
  • Prepare for an all-important interview
  • Build relationships with the media that can transform your business
  • Harness the power of your voice to establish your expertise

Scheduled online meetings give participants the opportunity to discuss, explore and refine content from the course, while building a great community. And I am there to provide industry knowledge, mentoring and education, so together we ensure your voice is heard.

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Podcast training

“It only takes one voice at the right pitch to start an avalanche.” Dianna Hardy

Could that voice be yours? Have you ever thought of creating a podcast to start that avalanche? Perhaps it will be in your business. As a community service. To educate. To transform the lives of others. Whatever the reason, why do it alone, when we could do it together.
Live podcast training sessions are educational Interactive, and  fun and a great place to build the platform for your voice.

You will never know the power of your avalanche if you don’t make the first step.

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Inspirational Speaker/Corporate Host

Are you looking for a guest speaker or corporate host who will leave your team inspired, activated, and believing in the power of transformation?

Why not consider inviting me to your next event?

Through my lived experiences of ‘having everything’ to being left with ‘nothing’ I leave audiences with a deep knowledge of the power of ownership and the devastation caused through addiction, depression, and mental health.

I teach my understanding of compassion towards the self and the importance of brushing oneself off from the darkest of experiences to serving others in bringing their voice to the world.

Ascend to Financial Freedom


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